3  -  1
Nott'm Forest
at Goodison Park
Saturday 28 February 1925
1924-25 - Football League Division 1
J Broad 2,  B Irvine
D Walker
A Harland
A Bennett
J McDonald
H Bulling
J O'Donnell
W Thompson
W Rooney
J Belton
N McBain
G Morgan
D Reid
R Wallace
S Chedgzoy
T Gibson
B Irvine
C Flood
J Broad
D Walker
W Williams
H Morris
W Weaver
N Burton

Lge Position at Start of Day
Lge Position at End of Day

  EFC: 20/22    Opp: 22/22
  EFC: 20/22    Opp: 22/22