HT: 0-1
0  -  1
at Highbury
Monday 21 April 1924
1923-24 - Football League Division 1
Ref: R Kelso
S Chedgzoy 22'
J Robson
A Harland
J Mackie
D Raitt
A Kennedy
D Livingstone
W Milne
W Brown
J Butler
N McBain
R John
H Hart ©
S Haden
S Chedgzoy
A Neil
B Irvine
(missed pen - wide, 2nd half)  H Woods
J Cock
J Ramsay
W Chadwick
J Rutherford
A Troup

Lge Position at Start of Day
Lge Position at End of Day
Final League Position:

  EFC: 6/22    Opp: 19/22
  EFC: 5/22    Opp: 20/22