HT: 1-1
1  -  1
Man City
at Goodison Park
Wednesday 10 February 1926 - 3.15pm
1925-26 - Football League Division 1
Ref: AJ Caseley
B Irvine 2'
F Roberts 24'
J Kendall
J Goodchild
J McDonald
S Cookson
J Kerr
P McCloy
J Peacock
C Coupland
D Bain
S Cowan
A Virr
C Pringle
© S Chedgzoy
W Austin
B Irvine
T Browell
W Dean
F Roberts
F Kennedy
A Daniels
A Troup
G Hicks

Lge Position at Start of Day
Lge Position at End of Day

  EFC: 11/22    Opp: 20/22
  EFC:   9/22    Opp: 18/22