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Each of the matches listed in the various parts of the site has a separate page linked
to it giving the Everton line-up for the match.

How do you view these match pages?
Simple - just click on the opposition team name wherever it appears in the site's various pages.

And line-ups is not all - the match pages also give other pieces of statistical information about the match too.

Royle, Young, Reid, Sharp, Watson, Lyons, Ball, Jones, Southall, Hickson, Kendall, Latchford, Labone, Sagar, Ratcliffe, Dean

For all of the Premier League-era matches that Everton have played there are venue, date, kick-off time (from 1999-2000 onwards), live tv info, competition, referee, attendance, manager, scorer, goal-time and red & yellow card details.

For matches prior to the Premier League's arrival (ie for 1991-92 and before) some of the information is missing - goal times and referees, for instance, and yellow and some red card details.

For matches before World War II the manager details are absent (Everton didn't have a proper manager until after the war).

If I know the information it's included but those details are not quite as comprehensive.

In terms of the line-ups, I've listed the players in shirt-number order for the years when they had shirt numbers that went from 1-11 - ie from 1946-47 - 1992-93.
(Everton had in fact worn shirt numbers on a number of occasions prior to this - most famously in the 1933 FA Cup Final - but the first official season in which League matches featured shirt numbers was 1946-47).

For the years before shirt-numbering, the players are listed in the old 2-3-5 formation:
ie keeper, then full-backs (right-to-left), half-backs (r-l) and forwards (r-l).

For the years after 1992-93 the players are listed in formation order:
keeper, defenders (r-l), midfield (r-l) and then the forwards.
For these more recent seasons the Everton formation is indicated and is solely my interpretation of how Everton were set up at the start of each match.
I'm sure there'll be plenty of disagreement!

All of the match pages also include a link to Everton's previous and next matches, chronologically speaking.
So you can zip along nostalgically through the weeks and months to your heart's content.

The League matches also give details of how the results affected the two teams' positions in the table.

In an effort to be as comprehensive as can be - and possibly uniquely for a site like this - the match pages also give the opposition line-ups, scorers, managers and so on for each match.

As ever, there are bound to be errors and omissions - particularly in a project as large as this.
(It took about 5 years of seemingly endless graft to get to this stage ...).
So please do let me know if you spot something that's wrong.

(And huge thanks to Steve Flanagan - of Toffeeweb stats and wider fame - and to Gavin Buckland - Everton statistician extraordinaire - for filling in many, many blanks and for continuing to supply me with updates. They're absolute stars!).

In the meantime, enjoy wallowing in Everton's past!