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Welcome To Yet Another Everton Website!!!

The purpose of this site is to provide a comprehensive record of the results of all competitive games played by Everton since their formation, together with details of player appearances and goals.

There are lots of links on the left that break down the information into different categories (as explained down below) so go ahead and click on one and see what you get!

The title bar above currently features Kevin Sheedy and Jack Southworth, two former Everton
legends - one a 1980's left-footed wizard, one an 1890's goal-machine.
Click on their photos to see brief details of their Everton careers and appearances & goals.

The title bar images will change every so often so that you'll get to see a whole host of Everton greats throughout the months and years ahead.  Images (and career summaries) of previous weeks' legends can be seen by clicking the 'Previous Legends' link on the left, where you'll also find a link to take you to details of the less-than-legendary donkeys like Mike Walker who have 'starred' in the 'Apart From ...' feature!

Royle, Young, Reid, Sharp, Watson, Lyons, Ball, Jones, Southall, Hickson, Kendall, Latchford, Labone, Sagar, Ratcliffe, Dean

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 Sat 17  Aug  H  Brighton Prem 3.00pm
 Sat 24  Aug  A  Tottenham Prem 3.00pm
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- unfortunately I no longer have the time to produce pre-match facts and figures

- oh, no!

- fear not, though, the website will still be updated after each game

- you'll just have to do you own pre-match delving!


Notable Forthcoming Anniversaries and Milestones

James Garner needs 1 more start to reach 50 for us in all comps - so far he's on 49
Nathan Patterson
also needs 2 more apps to reach 50 for us in all comps - he's currently on 31 starts + 17 as a sub

Dates of Birth

New Sections

- here's a reminder of the most recent additions to the site:

- when was Everton's 5,000th match? Or our 1,000th in the Premier League?
- who scored Everton's 1,000th goal?  Or our 5,000th in the League?
- full details of all our milestone games and goals are in the new 'Milestones section'!

- which Everton player has been sent off the most times in the Premier League?
- who has been booked most often in the Prem era?
- find out in the new 'Premier League Bookings and Red Cards section'!

- matches don't get abandoned anymore do they?!
- they used to - and it's happened 7 times to Everton in 'proper' games in the past
- details of those matches are listed in the new 'Abandoned Matches section'!

- matches don't get abandoned anymore do they?!
- they used to - and it's happened 7 times to Everton in 'proper' games in the past
- details of those matches are listed in the new 'Abandoned Matches section'!

- ever get fed up trying to find old Everton matches on YouTube?
- well, here's something to help you!
- it's the the new 'Everton Video Clips From Before The Prem Era section'!
- it's a chronolgical list of links to Everton video clips from 1902-03 to 1991-92!

- it doesn't really matter when a goal is scored
- but there's something particularly exciting about very early or very late strikes
- so who has scored the earliest goal in an Everton match? Or the latest?
- find out in the new 'Early Goals and Late Goals sections'!

- which Everton player has scored the most own goals?
- what about just in the Premier League?
- it's all there in the new 'Own Goals section'!

- talking of own goals, which players have scored at both ends in Everton games?
- has anyone managed it twice?
- have a look in the new 'Scored at Both Ends section'!

- the most despised people in football - the referees!
- but who has reffed us the most?
- and who has issued the most cards and awarded the most penalties?
- have a look in the new 'Referees section'!

- who scored Everton's first competitive goal?
- who was our 100th different scorer?
- or our 500th in the League?
- it's all here in the new 'Chronological Goalscorers section'!

- who has captained Everton the most number of times?
- who captained the team in each of our seasons?
- who have been our club captains each season?
- find all the answers in the new 'Everton Captains section'!

- who was Everton's number 23 in 2005/06?
- how many outfield players have worn the number 13 shirt for us?!
- what's the highest number ever sported by an Everton player?
- all your squad number questions can now be answered wth the help of the new 'Squad Numbers section'!

- which 11 Everton players started the most games together?
- what about consecutively?
- which two players started the most times together for us?
- what about the Holy Trinity? Or The 1995 FA Cup winning team? Or Dean and Lawton? How many times together?
- have a look at the new 'Frequent/Consecutive/Memorable Starting Line-Ups section' - it's got it all!

- what was our oldest ever starting line-up? And the youngest?
- which seasons were our oldest and youngest? Which managers went with youth and who went wth old codgers?!
- it's all here in the new 'Average Starting Line-Up Ages section'!

- which Everton player made the most substitute appearances in a single season?!
- in all competitions and in the League alone?
- the new 'Most Sub Apps In One Season' section has the answers!

- which Everton substitute has scored the most goals for us?
- which opposition sub has scored the most against us?
- the new 'Goals by Substitutes' section will let you know!

- Test cricketers have a small number on their shirt or cap
- it shows where they fit in in terms of the historical chronology of their country
- now you can see what number every Everton player would wear!
- have a look at the 'Everton Players Numbered Chronologically' section!


 How Have Everton Performed On Your  Birthday In The Past?
 Or On Your Wife's? Or The Cat's?
 Click On The Link And Pick A Date!

Appearances, Goals & Clean Sheets  

Who Has Played The Most Times For Us? 
Who's Scored The Most Goals? 
Is Big Dunc Our Most Used Sub Ever? 
Click On The Link And Find Out! 


 When We're Good, We're Good.
 When We're Bad, We're Terrible!
 What's The Most Goals We've Ever Scored,
 Or Conceded, In Any One Match?
 Click On The Link To See The Extremes!


Did Over 70,000 People Really Used To Come 
And Watch Us At Home? 
And What Were Our Smallest Crowds, 
Home And Away? 
Click On The Link To See The Figures! 


 Remember 1950-51? We Were Bad!
 Remember 1984-85? We Were Good!!
 Remember 1921-22? Er, No, Thought Not!
 Click On The Link And Pick A Season!


Did We Really Once Lose To Glossop? 
How Bad Have We Been Against Man Utd 
In The Premier League?! 
Click On The Link And Pick A Team! 


 What's Our Best Run Of Victories?
 Or Our Worst Run Of Defeats?
 What's The Longest We've Gone Without
 Defeat? Or Without Winning?
 Click On The Link To Reveal The Sequences!


A Whole Variety Of Information! 
FA Cup 3rd Round, Opening Day, Christmas, 
Easter, Europe, Cup Defeats, Big Matches, 
Strange Competitions And More- It's All There! 
Click On The Link And Pick A Topic! 

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